What is Tap?

- Tap is advancing your networking game by allowing you to share it all; your social media, contact info, files, and so much more.Tap uses the NFC technology that is integrated into many forms such as cards, stickers, and keychains. This contactless technology can up your networking and leave everyone you meet stunned with the ease of sharing everything with just a tap! And other people don’t need an app to receive your info!Tap is a progressive, sustainable solution for your current paper business card. Forget printing hundreds of papers just to share a limited amount of info.Our dedicated mobile app allows you to customize what you share with complete ease and immediate info update!Our App is secure as we don’t require passwords or login info of your accounts, you just put your username/number/link and you’ll be ready to go.

How does it work?

- An integrated NFC chip in Tap Products wirelessly transmits data to your smartphone. Push notifications appear on others phones to begin the sharing.When they tap on that notification, your profile will open on their phone.This doesn't even require an app! other people don't need an app to receive your information. Tap claims to be compatible with a wide range of platforms. See if your device is on compatible devices list.There is a QR code option on the Tap card for older phones that don't have NFC.

Do other people need an app to receive my info?

- No, other people don't need an app to receive your data.If they device has NFC chip you can simply tap your product to their device and your profile will instantly pop-up.If their device doesn't have NFC, then it's the QR code, almost 99% of smartphones can read QR codes.

Where should I place my Tap Sticker?

- If you have an iPhone, then it's better to place it at the back bottom of your device.If you have an Android, it's better to place it at the bottom as well.

Does my tap Sticker have to placed only on my phone?

- No! You can put your Tap Sticker wherever you want.- on your laptop - in your car - on a restaurant table - in your office - the possibilities are endless!

What cases can Sticker stick to?

- Tap Sticker adheres well to all case materials with the exception of leather and some silicone. We recommend either sticking your Tap Sticker underneath your case (yes, Tap works through most cases! not thick ones!) or purchasing a Tap Keychain/Card instead.Tap is good to go in all other cases, including placing directly on the phone!

Tapping to older iPhones

- Tap Products are compatible with almost all iPhones, including the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro 12, 12pro. 13, 13 pro, SE, and all future iPhones.NOTE: All iPhone X, 8, 8+, 7, 7+, XS, and XS Max models must be updated to iOS 14! If you own one of the devices listed above, follow these instructions on how to use it.How to Use an NFC Tag Reader:Step 1: Navigate to 'Settings.'Step 2: Select 'Control Center.'Step 3: Scroll down to the 'More Controls' section and look for the 'NFC tag reader.'Step 4: Once found, tap the '+' button to add it to your control panel.Step 5: Close the Settings app.Now, open the Control Center and select the NFC tag reader icon.Step 6: Now, simply hold your device over your Tap Product and it should pop up.Please check our compatible devices page to see if your smartphone is listed.

My phone isn't compatible!

- Tap QR codes can be scanned using the camera on iPhones as old as the iPhone 5S and almost all Android devices.Tap the QR code button on the share icon of your profile on Tap mobile app or on your Tap card to find your Tap QR code.


- Does not work on iPhone1. Verify that their phone is listed as a Compatible Device.When it comes to sharing, the model of your phone makes no difference!2. Make sure to touch your Tap product to the very top of their phone's back. The tapping spot for reading an NFC on an iPhone is at the very top of the device's back.3. Tap CANNOT be read when:- their phone is in airplane mode- their device flashlight is on- their phone screen is off- their camera is openIf you still have a problem with sharing, Not working on Android1. Ensure that their mobile device is on the list of Compatible Devices.It does not matter which phone model you have while sharing!2.Ensure that you contact the centre of the back of their phone with your Tap.For Androids, the optimal location for reading a Tap is in the centre of the device's back.3. Enable NFC functionality on their mobile device If their phone is on the list of supported devices but is still unable to read your Tap Sticker or Card, check for NFC in their phone's settings. Ensure that "NFC" is enabled!If you continue to have issues with sharing, please contact us at support@gettap.co.