Using our product statement:

To utilize a photo, logo, or design with this application, you must warrant the following:


  • The content either belongs to you or is in the public domain.
  • You are allowed and legally permitted to replicate this design.
  • You are unaware of any claims made by third parties about intellectual property.
  • The content does not violate any third party's privacy, celebrity, moral, or other rights.
  • The work is neither illegal nor indecent.
  • The links don't contain harmful content.
  • The content does not contain any offensive material based on race, religion, national origin, sex, or similar factors.
  • We retain the right to object to publishing any materials that clash with this copyright statement.
  • The customer allows Tap to photograph and use finished goods for marketing or advertising reasons. Tap will not use customer-submitted pictures, trademarked logos, or other intellectual property for profit or sales.